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Michael Scott Gold & Silver
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We offer refining services to convert non-bullion precious metals into investment grade bullion products. Non-bullion precious metals include gold jewelry, silver jewelry, silver flatware, etc.

Cash Payments: If you need immediate cash payment for selling coins, bars or jewelry we highly recommend Silver Fox Coins.
How it Works
Step 1
Contact us to get a quote for the precious metals you would like to have converted into investment grade bullion products. We will give you an estimated value based on the current market price.
Step 2
If you decide to have your items refined, we will explain the process for mailing them to us or you can deliver them in person.
Step 3
Once your items have been refined and assayed, we will contact you to discuss your bullion product purchase or to arrange your direct payment. Most refining lots take about 5-7 business days to process unless stone removal is required.
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