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Michael Scott Gold & Silver
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We buy gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and more. We can purchase diamonds as well or remove any stones you wish to keep at no charge. All testing is done in full view and there is no obligation or charge if you choose not to sell.
Note: We do not sell gold or silver jewelry (buying only).
Gold Jewelry
Sell us your gold rings, necklaces, braclets or any other gold jewelry at the best payout rates in the metroplex. We can also provide free quotes by phone.
Sterling Silver Jewelry
We buy sterling silver jewelry including rings, necklaces, braclets and more. We also buy sterling flatware and provide free quotes by phone.
Free Quotes By Phone
If you have a scale that weighs in grams and know the karat of your gold jewelry (10k, 14k, 18k, etc.) we can provide a real-time quote by phone. Diamonds must be present or have a current appraisal.
Helpful Tips
If you don't see a karat hallmark (10k, 14k, 18k, etc.) on your piece of gold jewelry, but instead there are markings with numbers only (i.e. 417, 585, 750 or 916) you can still easily determine what the karat is using the following chart:
  • 417 = 10 Karat (41.7% Gold)
  • 585 = 14 Karat (58.5% Gold)
  • 750 = 18 Karat (75.0% Gold)
  • 916 = 22 Karat (91.6% Gold)
Gold jewelry that uses numbers to indicate karat (or purity) are far more likely to be non-plated and can be purchased by us.
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